Tottenham Hotspur coop shattered! Richarlison slams Conte on the sidelines

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Tottenham Hotspur club signaled a breaking point after being eliminate in the round of 16 of the Champions League by AC Milan 0-1 on aggregate yesterday when striker. Who was just in his first year with the team. Richarlison also has the courage to criticize head coach Antonio Conte.

Richarlison was place in reserve for the second leg game at Tottenham Hotspur Milan 0-0 yesterday. Before touching the ufabet game in the 70th minute, plus only 8 minutes. The situation deteriorate. Because there were 10 people left Christian Rome. Ro was fired by yellow-red. 

The results that are not as expected Leading to an interview with the Brazilian national team. Who has a very high ego. 

“It’s something I don’t understand,” he told TNT Sports Brasil.

“Even though I was doing well when I started against West Ham or Chelsea.”  

“But then assistant head coach Christian Stelleni reduce me to a substitute against Wolves (0-1 defeat), only sending in the last five minutes. They didn’t answer anything.” 

“Until Tuesday They asked me to test my body in the gym. That is, if the draft is good enough to get into the real game against Milan, which is smooth. But when it’s time to actually compete. It’s kept on the bench.” 

“This is an incomprehensible thing.”

“Let’s wait and see on Thursday Conte explains how. But they are not stupid either. See how professional I am, practice hard every day. and I want to compete but here to play at the end Not much time left.”

“Define this season. I apologize for using a strong word that sucks animals. because I didn’t play as much as I should have What about injuries?” 

“But when you step onto the field Dedicated his whole life Despite playing well in 2 games, it should be right. I think I should have competed first. But I don’t want to come and shout about such things.  

Richarlison, who joined from Everton in the summer of 2022, cost £60 million, but played just 25 games, scored two goals, three assists and played a low role.