Rules of Poker Main Rules of Poker

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Each game of poker has several rounds to bet on. By betting, betting starts before the cards are dealt. and after dealing until the cards are complete according to the rules of that poker type. The cards are then mixed into 5 cards. And compare with the poker card sequence to determine the score of who has the most points.

This ends one game. Each game has only one winner or a draw.

  1. To start any kind of poker game It will start from the dealer or the dealer. The cards are dealt to everyone on the table holding them in their hands (Hold cards).
  2. After everyone has received the full number of cards. The person who starts playing first is the person to the left of the Big blind (in the case of flop poker).
  3. When a player looks at his cards, he has one of four options:
    • Fold – is to fold or discard the cards from the hand. because I don’t want to play in that game
    • Call – is to place bets based on the maximum number of chip bets on the table in a round.
    • Raise – This is to increase the maximum amount bets on the table. As a rule, if players raise another player must call to equalize their chips or raise to increase. Their bets or fold when they don’t want to play. continue
    • Check  – is a pass request when our bet chip is equal to the maximum stake on the table at that time. And we don’t want to add more bets. If everyone checks all the way through, the dealer will deal more cards to start the next round. Players usually signal by knocking on the table.
  4. Players who have not discarded cards. Continue playing with the 4 options above as before. when finished playing will go to the next round. The dealer will deal a fourth community card, called Turn, and go into the next round of play.
  5. When playing until the final round The dealer will deal the final community card, called the river, and this will be the final tournament.
  6. At the end of the last round, the remaining players have to show their cards to compare their scores to see who will mix the 2 cards on their hand and the 5 cards on the table to get the highest scoring card. Which will have the score, I will tell in the next section. สมัคร UFABET