Pioli: Milan dream of Champions League title

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AC Milan coach Stefano Pioli insists his side can only dream of winning in the Champions League. This season after passing the Spurs into the quarterfinals

The result of the first match that Milan won 1-0 was the aggregate score that allowed them to qualify. After attacking to draw Spurs in England 0-0

“We did well, we asked the team to play with character. And we should have had more possession in the first half,” said Pioli.

“We never let go. It was a quality that was well deserved considering the way we played in the second leg.

This is the first time Milan have reached the Champions League quarter-finals since 2012, to which Pioli added: “We have to take it step by step. First and foremost is getting through the group stage. and improved from last season Now we will wait for the draw. and see what happens.”

“We will face great opponents, but Tottenham are also a big team. And we can always say that. It’s good to keep dreaming. Now we have to focus on Serie A.”

“It’s wonderful to play in the Champions League. It’s a good thing. And it’s important for Milan whether we win it or not. It wasn’t easy. or even trying to finish in the top four in Serie A.”

“I like to think that nothing is impossible in sport. Obviously, only the best teams in Europe remain. And each round gets more and more difficult. But I’m sure all the experiences in Europe, especially the negative ones, have helped us take it to the next level. We are now in the quarterfinals with confidence. and faith”