How to play fish shooting game for beginners

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How to play online fish shooting games to make money, not as difficult as you think Just point the gun at the fish you’re going to shoot. and then press the shot to kill the fish Players will receive prize money. You see, it’s not as difficult as you think. A special feature of the fish shooting game is that the gun can be changed in many ways. To increase the chances of shooting fish even more. You can do this right now. ทางเข้า UFABET

  1. Adjust – reduce the odds
  2. Choose a gun to use to shoot.
  3. Aim at the fish and shoot.
  4. Opt for a special function when the opportunity arises.
  5. waiting for prize money

Game method for shooting fish to get ten thousand.

Recipes for playing fish shooting games on mobile phones that newbies should know Guidelines for playing online fish shooting game make a huge amount of money Make a millionaire by playing fish shooting for many times. The next one could be you. Come and play fish shooting game 2022 with us and try out these 4 formulas. You will definitely get money!

1. Ammunition saving formula

: The faster the ammo runs out. The faster the fish shooting game ends, the more ammo should be saved. shoot as much as you can Focus on shooting fish that score a lot and not necessarily the fish that die slowly. because the slower the death It will waste more ammunition. Focus on fish that die quickly, but with a lot of points it will be more worthwhile. For example, a fish that scores 4 points, but takes 2-3 bullets is worth more than a fish that gets 10 points, but takes 7-8 shots, which is not worth it, so use a bullet-saving formula. will make you play for a long time and scores much more

2. The formula for using angles to your advantage

for newbies How to play fish shooting game for money That newbies should know! that may still not be able to catch the game point So always focus on the big fish first. which is a wasted ammunition by reason, so the technique of playing game for beginners The angle of the fish shooting machine should be useful as well. Turning the barrel around and then more and more shots at a time. so that the bullets go in different directions In order to hit the fish at various angles, it will give you points for that fish and have a chance to cause the fish to die more easily.

3. Master shooting formula

It’s a formula for gamblers. who started playing fish shooting game until you get used to it because this formula will play as an additional ammunition in one fish by firing at the wall for the bullet to bounce back hit the fish But requires a fair amount of accuracy. In the meantime, more shells are fired in the fish. This means that the ammunition will hit the fish 4 full rounds, so there is a very good chance. to get points from fish which requires rhythm because they have to wait for the fish to swim to the corner of the scene first to use this formula

4. Focusing on specific shooting formulas

for gamblers who likes to shoot big fish It is advisable to shoot slowly. Do not panic. Focusing on the big fish will help save more ammunition. which does not need to run out of ammunition Go with small fish or special fish, focus on the big fish. Especially if you can shoot with multiple players. It will cause the big fish to die faster. It will result in more special bonuses. Usually many times that Normal online shooting game