Ginas hacks Romero to speed up eating fish to boost IQ

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Jermaine Ginas, BT Sport analyst, is frustrated with the performance of Sergio Romero. Because despite knowing that he had a yellow card. He was still stuck in the ball, causing him to be fired The people were unlucky.

Romero showed his frustration when he received a yellow card from the first 17 minutes. And was defeated by Theo Hernandez, until he had to be brutal. Cutting the game in the 78th minute until the referee Clement Turkpin . The second yellow draw is a red card and is expelled. 

That made the ‘Golden Spur’ more tiring than before. Sinking the game with a 0-0 draw until they were eliminated in the Round of 16 of the Champions League at a total of 0-1. 

The intricacies of world-champion centre-backs are what Ginas wants to leave if he thinks of the world-class level. Playing football requires a brain. 

“It’s a big flaw in his game ufabet,” said the former Spurs midfielder. 

“We were just talking about his arrogance after his first yellow card after 15 minutes, despite being an elite player, Christian Romero is a fan favorite here. 

“He’s a top grade defender. But there are still parts of the game that he needs to work on.”

“If you don’t love it, you hate it at all in his fierce play. but should at least be aware that the yellow card is expected.” 

‘ Guti ‘ saw the brutal style of the Argentine defender, has already been sent off twice this season by yellow and red, collecting 7 yellow cards in total.