Ferdinand Yuken doesn’t have tomorrow to claim if he wants to win the championship

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BT Sport analyst Rio Ferdinand says Tottenham Hotspur‘s Champions League round of 16 exit was the last straw for Harry Kane to make a decision. Uniforms to other football camps ufabet, potential to win the championship

Since Ken’s debut in the Spurs big league game in the 2012-13 season, even though his personal performance is consistent with scoring goals But concrete success equals zero.  

This is why there is a trend that the ‘Red Devils’ want an England captain to plug in the number 9 of Anthony Martial, who plans to sell out. on loan 

For this reason, Ferdinand advised the 29-year-old Spear to let go of his allegiance to the Golden Spurs and join forces with a team that has hoped to achieve great success. 

“No matter what concrete honors, the Spurs fans are all hoping for Harry Kane to be the person who unlocks it.” Former CHPL champion 2008 Said after the game that Tottenham drew 0-0 with AC Milan in the round of 16, second leg, losing 0-1 overall. 

“They’re hoping he wants to be Mr Spurs for the rest of his career.”

“Which if I were him I will look for a new way to go and win trophies, even if carrying Spurs into the Champions League final and finishing second in the English Premier League is a few years away.”

“But it seems that Spurs is not the club that continues to grow like he would like.

“That guy needs to go to a place where he thinks he can join and pick up the championship the fastest.” 

In addition to Manchester United, Bayern Munich is another team interested in the England captain.