4 things you need to know if you want to play fish shooting games for money

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Fish shooting games have been around for a long time since the game cabinet era. It’s a game with a lot of players. because easy money As the time changed, technology began to play a greater role in life. Nowadays, fish shooting games are brought into smartphones for both ios andAndroid systems or on the UFABET casino website. Which can be played anywhere, anytime. In addition, the images and graphics have also been developed to be beautiful. attract people to play There has been a change in the rules. thus increasing the challenge for the players. and more interesting prizes Today we will take you to know Techniques for playing fish shooting . How to shoot to get money. Let’s just say let’s go and see.

Techniques for playing fish shooting games

1. Don’t play automatically.

It must be understood that each shot is equal to the credit paid. Therefore, autoplay cannot guarantee that each shot will hit the fish and kill the fish. And if that fish does not die, then there will be no reward at all, which is a huge waste. and auto play for a long time Going there will cause the system to hang. It can be frustrating and just lose your credit.

2. Start by shooting small fish first.

When starting to play fish shooting game For the first time, you should aim well before shooting. Choose an angle, choose a shooting angle. And most importantly, choose to shoot small fish and fish that swim in a row first. because it will give the percentage that will hit it Higher than shooting big fish or fish with items. If you choose to shoot a large fish, it can waste ammunition. Therefore, be patient gradually. scrape When there is enough capital to buy a new gun with high items. to shoot bigger fish By doing this, you don’t waste a lot of ammo and you still have capital to grow.

3. Focus on shooting from other players.

A fish that was previously shot by someone else or that person bets a lot on ammunition. The percentage that the fish will die is quite high, so choose to shoot the fish after others. Because the chances that the fish will die during the time we shoot will be more than giving us a reward. You should also shoot fish that swim to your shore. Do not shoot randomly because it will not hit the fish and waste credit itself.

4. Don’t shoot the fish that are going off the screen.

Scenes in the game will have a total of 4 scenes that will change continuously. Do not shoot fish that are about to leave the screen. even though the fish was dying Because when that fish goes off the screen and comes back on the screen again, it will immediately become a new fish. If still pushing to shoot fish that are about to go off-screen, the chances of hitting them are less and cause a lot of ammunition. and did not receive any awards